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Durable Decisions

Rushabh Doshi
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Durable decisions are decisions that don’t change if the inputs haven’t changed. 


  • Goals
    • Start by defining and outlining the goals of the project
  • Assumptions
    • Document only major assumptions
  • Options
    • Write out all options and the rationale behind choosing them
  • Decider(s)
    • Explicitly state who makes the decisions

Gathering Inputs

  • Everyone involved should be part of the decision making to reduce chances of follow-up debate
  • Write these decisions down

Make The Decision

  • Once you have all inputs, assumptions and options, make the final decision


  • Communicate the decision quickly, clearly and as widely as possible
  • Repeat information so everyone is one the same page Decisions cannot be overturned if nothing has changed. If circumstances change, revisit the decision.
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