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Drew Houston‚ Morph from Hacker to Hyper-Growth CEO

First Round Review
First Round Review
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Founder and CEO of Dropbox Drew Houston shares how he went from solo programmer to the CEO everyone is watching.

  • The hardest transition was going from working directly on the product to not.
  • As the company grew, Houston had to relinquish control over creative decisions to other smart people so he could focus his efforts in building the company in other areas.
  • When Dropbox took off, Houston read to learn and gain new perspectives.
  • Houston recommends getting out of your comfort zone and thinking about what you do not know.
  • Defining and maintaining company culture as well as sharing a unified vision are key to decentralize decision making.
  • Be careful and deliberate with who you hire and lean toward pragmatism.
  • Houston is proof that company solutions can be learned on the job.
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