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Digital collectibles and the weird future of “digibles”

Josh Stark
Hacker Noon
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The Future of Digital Collectibles

Digital blockchain collectibles are becoming popular - Currently, digital collectibles are tied to the platform or app that created them (Steam, Duolingo, Quid, etc.) - But digital blockchain collectibles can exist independently of any one platform.

Digibles: a universal wallet and creator for digital collectibles using the open-source ERC 721 standard

  1. Can enable in-game items to be exchanged or used in other games (eg. gun in FPS game appears in a new RPG)
  2. Can create badges and "digital proof" independent of any platform (humans love collecting "proof")
  3. Can open source the making of digital collectibles and badges to everyone (providing some network effects currently only found for massive platforms like Twitter) It's easy to dismiss this as a toy. But the first microcomputers, planes, and cars were also considered toys when invented.
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