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Design leadership as a subversive activity

Emmet Connolly
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Structures can hinder creativity. Here are tips to subvert structures:

The perils of a curious mind

  • Best designers are curious, which can cause distraction
  • A loose process is necessary¬†

What does this have to do with design leadership?

  • Design managers need to implement a design process
  • Too much structure can hinder the process while too little can lead to a lack of focus

History of management

  • Early factories paid workers for output not for time to maximize efficiency
  • Workers became cogs in a machine
  • Newer management stresses teamwork, value creativity and problem solving

Minimum viable process

  • Design processes need to point people in the right direction
  • Need to keep readjusting the process

Anti-entropic feedback

  • Static processes ignore how a company and a team change
  • Entropy is the tendency of systems to reduce to chaos
  • Facilitate evolution, don't define process

Design leadership as a subversive activity

  • Nothing is set in stone
  • Focus on change¬†
  • Leaders should be learners

There is a crack in everything

  • Achieving balance is crucial
  • It's okay to subvert systems that were just created
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