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Design expert Jared Spool on teaching UX to the next generation

Jonathon Colman
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Establishing “power” skills in vocational school

  • Create industry-ready designers with crucial hard and interpersonal or “power” skills like communication and presentation
    • Bulk of design work is collaborating with team and adding value
  • Structured like an actual work environment for seamless transition
  • 100% placement rate: harness skills and experience from projects


  • Inclusivity and accessibility naturally integrated into every course and cohort
  • People are not binary: take into account disabilities, literacy, economic status, health
  • Identify a company’s pain point and then propose a solution to demonstrate that design can strengthen an organization
  • Discuss opportunities that reduce operating costs

Predicting the future of UX

  • Create experience visions that affects the process of decision-making

Teamwork in design

  • Teammates influence and inspire each other
  • Some are uncredited for design
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