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Demystifying account-based marketing: How to make it actually work for your business

Brenda Colón
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What is account-based marketing (ABM)?

  • ABM is a targeting strategy where businesses market and sell to accounts - different people at one company - rather than to individual prospects at many different companies 
  • ABM creates hyper-personalized sales experiences for each target account, while B2B does the opposite by creating general awareness first 

Benefits of ABM

  1. Narrow focus on high-value accounts, quality over quantity 
  2. Customer-centric approach to growing revenue, weaves customer centricity 
  3. Strong alignment between sales and marketing
  4. Improved customer retention and expansion

Building your cross-functional ABM team

  • Marketing
    • Which channels to use
    • How to connect with prospects
    • What messages to send 
  • More time spent on sales
  • Customer success teams oversee ongoing value

Best practices to make ABM work

  • Connected customer touch points
  • Personalized experiences for decision makers 
  • Quick communication and follow-ups

Product functionalities you need to implement ABM

  • Data enrichment to identify targets
  • Account mapping and routing to associate people with the right accounts
  • Multi-channel messaging to be where your targets are 
  • Reporting to analyze the sales metrics  B2B companies needing higher ROI and long lasting relationships from marketing might want to look into ABM
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