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Clayton Christensen and Disruption

  • One example of his business acumen is his concept of ‘disruption’
  • Today it is ubiquitous among startups to say that they are disrupting the world in some sense
  • Christensen’s theory
    • Great companies could become weaker by playing to their strengths
    • By acting rationally, focusing on short to medium term profit maximization, they fail to disrupt their field
    • This makes them vulnerable to smaller companies having radical ideas
  • Beyond his brilliant theory, which held true specifically with floppy discs, he was a principled and moral individual
  • Had three recommendations to Harvard graduates on how to live a good life
    • Find your purpose
    • Allocate your time appropriately
    • Beware “marginal costs”
      • Jefferey Skilling was one of his students at HBS and ended up in jail for his role in Enron
  • Ultimately, joy can be found in the process
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