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Dear auto entrepreneurs, please think outside the gearbox

David Frankel
Founder Collective
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The transport sector has never looked hotter for aspiring entrepreneurs. Smart entrepreneurs without expertise in auto tech should consider adjacent businesses & societal changes that will occur with mainstream software-powered cars.

6 Odd "Auto-powered" Startups

  1. Drive through windows: automobiles transformed retail
  2. NASCAR: auto racing is a $13 billion business
  3. Walmart: long-haul trucking makes retail possible in hard-to-reach regions
  4. Holiday Inn: the interstate highway system created demand for uniform hotels
  5. Levittown: suburbs were possible due to car ownership
  6. Home Depot: with suburban homes came the rise of big box stores

Expect Second Order Effects

None of these businesses sell automobiles or related services. They are reactions to a world where cars are common. A similar reinvention will happen with emerging technologies.

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