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Dating apps will scale beyond the human

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Ovid's Pygmalion captures the astonishment and serendipity of love, but technology has changed and continues to change the way love, dating, and romantic encounters unfold.

  • Modern dating companies have served customers by abstracting place or form from romantic encounters, and next on the list is abstracting humanity itself.

Abstracting Place

  • Blued is a popular Chinese company that specializes in dating for the LGBTQ community, and like other dating companies, it expands the top of the funnel to let users meet more people than they ordinarily would out in the real world.
  • The abstraction of place is a strong feature especially for marginalized communities to connect them with those similar to them in places besides their immediate location.

Abstracting Form

  • Moone is a dating company that matches people based on personal interests and personality tests, so looks and physical form are not at the forefront of the dating equation.
  • The abstraction of form also widens the funnel of users and people that could be potential dating and love matches, so that in theory, anyone of the desired gender could be a viable match.

Abstracting Humanity

  • Replika is an AI companion app that was created to appease lockdown-induced loneliness, but surveys show almost half of its users harboring romantic feelings for it.
  • Without humans, when love is made by a machine, refined in tandem with a human, scale becomes infinite.
  • In Japan, the "Moe" Economy capitalizes on enabling love to blossom between humans and virtual characters.
  • Lastly, Neil Sinhababu, Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, takes the concept of the multiverse to its logical conclusion regarding love.
  • That is, Sinhababu posits that if there is an infinite number of worlds, there must also be an infinite number of possible girls (i.e., love matches).
  • Perhaps, some people are simply born in the wrong reality; finding love comes down to luck.
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