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A Summary of

“Customer First” Healthcare

Bill Gurley
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The American healthcare system and determining what it means for a healthcare system to be a “customer first."

Factors in the customer centricity of the healthcare industry

  • Hours that they are open and appointments
  • Interactive Booking
  • Information Collection
  • Electronic Communication
  • Response Time
  • Pricing Transparency
  • Information Sharing
  • Empathy
  • Level of service

Trying to make the American system customer first:

  • High-Deductible Plans
    • This would reduce insurance premiums and make catastrophic healthcare available to more people
  • Growing Coinsurance
    • Another way of offloading or sharing healthcare costs with the patient
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Saving Accounts)
    • This is money which is set aside by an employee and their employer to be used specifically for healthcare
  • Narrow Networks
    • This would let the consumer or the employee ‘opt-in’ to a plan that has lower premiums
  • Rise of Urgent Care
    • This would have a big impact because they offer broaden hours compared to a traditional GP, allows non-appointment to walk in visits, they will reduce wait time and etc.
  • Growing Use of CRM Type Tools
    • These tools might enable online booking, provide the ability for more frequent customer-provider communication and many more
  • Internet Web Sites
    • 77% of consumers use online reviews to find new physicians so the same is being applied to hospitals

A venture capital firm, Benchmark, has made four investments in customer-first healthcare:

  • Brighter
    • A cloud-based health insurance platform that seamlessly connects patients and doctors to dramatically improve the patient and provider experience
  • OneMedical
    • A member-based and technology-enabled primary care network that challenges the notion that delivering high-quality, accessible health care is either unachievable or to expensive
  • Solv
    • A marketplace for same-day healthcare that connects patients to willing urgent care clinics and providers
  • Stitch Health
    • A Y-Combinator seeded SaaS company which serves as home base for healthcare teams that aim to deliver customer-first healthcare
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