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Cultivating good relationships with distributed co-workers, building trust to accelerate growth, and leveling up as a PM when you have extra time

Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny's Newsletter
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Lenny’s October 22, 2019 Newsletter:

Hiten Shah, the CEO and Cofounder of Nira, discusses remote working.

Building relationships with remote workers:

“Remote work often leasts to an increase in miscommunication” due to timing gaps and the inability to collaborate in the same space.

How to avoid these miscommunications:

  • Document everything that is discussed in meetings.
  • Leverage screensharing, an effective tool which enables you do discuss a tool or product and collaborate on its design in real time.
  • Postmortem every big project to understand which aspects were successful and what could be improved.

How to build trust with users to enable growth:

  • Social proof: Show potential users that other people are already using the product.
  • Authority: Figure out how to demonstrate any certifications, awards, or endorsements to users.
  • Guarantees: Offer some sort of downside protection in case of a poor experience.
  • Reputation: Reviews from users are an often sought and generally reliable metric.
  • Great UX: Be detail oriented with your site or app. Don’t skimp here.
  • Deliver: Consistently provide a positive experience for users.

What this means in terms of your user funnel:

  • Top of Funnel: Referrals should be a tool used to engender growth.
  • Mid-funnel: Focus on crafting effective landing pages that highlight the trustworthiness of your product and prompt users to stay on the site.
  • End-of-funnel: Find a way to remind users of the effectiveness of your product.

How to become a better Product Manager:

  • Focus on building useful skills that you have been unable to gain on the job.
  • Pick a few articles or books about these skills and commit to reading them.
  • Read other interesting media even if it has little to do with your goals.
  • Write and reflect on your previous experiences.
  • Invest in classes to build product management skills.
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