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Crafting The First Mile Of Product

Scott Belsky
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To build a product that millions of people use, you must prioritize the core product at the expense of the "first mile".

Haphazardly conceived & neglected

  • The first mile of a product includes the onboarding, explanatory copy, empty states & defaults. These are crucial but often neglected.
  • New users are not the same over time, so your first mile must always improve & change.

First mile failure

Without a good first mile, customers cannot know: 1. Why they're there 2. What they can accomplish 3. What to do next

Crafting a fantastic first mile

How do you best design a first mile experience? 1. Optimize for first 15 seconds of laziness, vanity & selfishness 2. Do>Show>Explain 3. Accommodate ego analytics 4. Provide immediate novelty or utility

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