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Content-driven growth

Lenny Rachitsky
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What are all the ways that content can drive growth?

  • SEO and virality are related to what you are optimizing for, and users and employees are related to who is generating the content.
  • There are five unique content-driven growth strategies.

User-Generated SEO-Optimized (UGSO)

  • Your users generate public content which Google finds and surfaces in organic search.
  • Company Examples: Quora, Glassdoor, Reddit.

Editorially-Generated SEO-Optimized (EGSO)

  • Employees (or contractors) of the company create content with the goal of ranking higher for certain keywords.
  • Company Examples: Ahrefs, Slidebean, HubSpot.

Data-Generated SEO-Optimized (DGSO)

  • Your company auto-magically generates thousands of individual pages off on your UGC and proprietary data.
  • Company Examples: Thumbtack, Zapier, TripAdvisor, Yelp, GrubHub.

User-Generated Virality-Optimized (UGVO)

  • UGC content leads to users sharing that content with friends and more friends are pulled into the product.
  • Company Examples: TikTok, Reface, even Airbnb and Zillow.

Editorially-Generated Virality-Optimized (EGVO)

  • Employees/founders make one-off viral content known as thought leadership or brand building.
  • Company Examples: Spotify Unwrapped, Mr. Beast, Stir, Superhuman.

High-Level Takeaways

  • Start small.
  • Align on a clear goal.
  • Hunt for opportunity.
  • Give the reigns to someone who cares.
  • Think long-term.
  • Build a dedicated team.
  • Be patient.
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