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Compassion is the Enemy

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Psychic numbing and compassion fatigue

  • Humans value every subsequent life after the first one less
  • The individual is more important to us than the mass
  • Humans act on instinct
  • Our decisions are driven by emotions rather than logic
  • Our OS as humans is flawed, like a bug in our code
  • People become desensitized, such as people in major cities becoming accustomed to seeing homelessness everywhere

Social media

  • Social media exacerbates compassion fatigue
  • The rapid cycling nature of social media means that real change is difficult
  • Companies and people tend to engage opportunistically with online content

Moving past empty sentiment online

  • Online platforms for charity allow recurring donations
  • Video games and VR can combat bias
  • Being aware of our individualistic nature can help us combat it
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