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Community Wisdom: Setting up a family leave policy, creating an LLC for your consulting business, prioritizing buy…

Lenny Rachitsky
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Establishing family leave policy

  • 12-week paid leave that can be divided and taken throughout employee’s first year
  • Small support stipend like gift certificate when employee returns to work
  • Check in and be supportive
  • Different leave periods for primary and secondary caregivers

Prioritizing buyer vs. user

Amazon’s “working backwards” principle: - Start with the customer and valuable outcomes - Enable “Buyer Persona” to drive actions above - Conduct customer (buyer) research: pain points, processes, etc. - Focus on specific goals and metrics, pivoting around them

Keeping work out of personal life

  • Ironically treat non-work life like work: optimize and plan with calendar reminders to stay in the “non-work zone”
    • Schedule and block social time

Creating an LLC for consulting business

  • Focus on incorporating only when you have resources and a reasonable amount of revenue per year

Working with a challenging PM

  • Take initiative to fill the gap and continue forward: provide updates on your work and seek feedback
  • Address challenges directly and tell them what you are going to do based on what you know

Hiring an agency to craft your pitch deck

  • Seek advice from investors when pitching: foster meaningful relationships now
  • Utilize accelerators to iterate and improve
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