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Community Wisdom: Maintaining a fun remote work environment, keeping teams informed, recruiters getting your attention, organizing internal docs, sharing your early product plan, and SaaS integrations

Lenny Rachitsky
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Maintaining a fun remote work environment

  • Smaller but a more organic approach to culture and team building has been more successful
    • Get different people to run meetings
    • Hire people for 1hr sessions to teach your team how to play poker, how to do chair yoga
  • Prepare for a culture shift
  • Adopt new kinds of activities that support what people need

Keeping teams informed

  • Office hours/fireside chats did not work well
  • "Training sessions" worked very well
  • Big milestones or events such as annual industry conference
  • Emails with what's new in each release
  • Weekly Q&A

How can recruiters get your attention

  • Personalized message
  • Social media posts by the hiring manager

Organizing internal documentation

  • Company-wide handbook with each team's workspace linking to the relevant handbook docs
  • Tools: Notion, Confluence

Sharing your early product plan

  • Ask your manager for an example/framework
  • Write out the important deliverables and the plan on how to write the strategy document
  • Have your boss go over it with you

How to think about SaaS integration

  • Involve engineering early and often
  • Plan to build an integration framework
  • Get the partner to build and maintain the integration
  • Plan for failures
  • Integrate the minimum possible set of data you can get away with
  • Integrate with the minimum possible set of partners
  • Have one PM and one senior Eng on call when links break
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