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Lenny Rachitsky
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How many hours a day do you work

  • Anywhere from 6-9 hours a day
  • Protecting your time is a critical part of succeeding at any level of experience, in any role
  • Advice:
    • Focus on the most important things
    • Clear your mind-space
    • Take a break
    • Focus on impact instead of the actual amount of screen time
    • Getting Things Done (GTD) Framework: Capture information and store it somewhere other than your brain

Finding cool swag for your team

  • Ice shaker/travel tumblers with company logo
  • Pendleton blanket
  • Partner branded Airpods
  • Simple jacket/hoodie/backpack with a tiny logo
  • Power bank
  • Chargers
  • Microfiber clothes

Checking in on engineering progress

  • Ask:
    • Does this task need to be broken down into something more granular?
    • Is our initial scoping for this still accurate?
    • Will we be able to demo something by end of the sprint?
  • Bring these questions up:
    • In a team meeting
    • By chatting with the engineering manager and tech lead
    • In 1:1s that you're especially involved in
  • Benefits of demoing:
    • Visibility
    • Cross-team learning
    • Co-building dynamic
    • Opportunities to ask clarifying questions

Telling your manager you’re feeling too much pressure

  • Communicate what you need and put yourself first
  • Work with your manager to build a solution where you are equally or more productive, and you feel less pressure
  • Present a hiring plan, put together the roles you think would need to be added to support and grow sustainably

Newsletter and podcasts about data

  • Daily
    • Inside AI
    • Protocol
  • Weekly
    • benn.substack
    • This Week in Data
    • The Sequence
    • VentureBeat
    • Data Analysis Journal
  • Weekly+ or Infrequent
    • dbt blog
    • Podcast - Small Differences
    • Podcast - The Analytics Power Hour: Data and Analytics
    • Fishtown Analytics Roundup
    • O'Reilly Data Newsletter
    • ML4Sci
    • Data Engineering Podcast
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