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Community Wisdom: Flywheels, knowing if anyone wants what you’re building, roadmapping tools, onboarding new emplo…

Lenny Rachitsky, Kiyani
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Recommendations of resources - The Flywheel by Jake Singer - Best From the Brightest by Jim Collins - Flywheels, flywheels, flywheels by Lenny Rachitsky - Amazon's Flywheel - Community Culture - Mirror Your Community - Let's build some community flywheels Go-to articles - Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets - Growth Loops are the New Funnels

How to test if anyone wants what you’re building

  • Focus on collecting evidence or skin in the game from users
    • Money
    • Personal information
    • Reputation
    • Attention
    • Time
  • Ignore
    • Opinions
    • Expert opinions
    • Survey responses
    • People saying, “I would or wouldn’t use this.”
    • Spreadsheet feature prioritization games
    • Market data
    • Likes on Social Media
    • Votes by customers on an idea

Roadmapping tools

  • Productboard
  • Prodpad
  • Linear
  • Notion
    • Use formulas to improve capabilities (e.g. RICE framework)

Onboarding new employees

  • Setup relevant 1:1s
  • Have detailed discussions with expectations and how to track them
  • Assign a mentor to each new hire during the first 4-6 weeks
  • Provide a checklist of system to access and content to read

How many user interviews are enough

  • Depend on how early the product is
  • 5-7 interviews for each round
  • Make sure to get more than 1 interview per targeting persona

Making it easier to find internal products

  • Flesh out the customer journey
  • Flesh out the employee journey per customer journey phase
  • Understand the friction and values in each phase
  • Solve the problems and opportunities that surface from those friction and value points
  • Focus on the phases that impact the customer journey the most
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