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Choosing the right internship can turbocharge your career

Laura Murphy-Clarkin
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The right internship can help an intern discover their ambitions and their passions.

Applying for the job

  • Be deliberate about applications
  • Apply to a set number of positions every week
  • Reach out to interesting companies even if they don’t list positions

Is a company right for you?

  • Find company values in public talks or from past employees
  • See if the company backs up what their values are

Interview process

  • Ask questions!
  • Well-crafted questions can show a company you care

Interns work on real projects

  • Think of the learning and impact of the job
  • Better for future development

Embrace change

  • Companies that move quickly can lead to more growth
  • Certain teams have more impact than others

Mentor Quality

  • High quality team can facilitate growth
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