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Chinese AI

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Creating fake websites and blogs is labor intense

But if you can generate believable text, that's going to flood the internet with garbage

Chinese AI not scary, but American response is

  • China outspends US on AI, but very little of it is on defense
  • Meanwhile US spends most of AI money on military instead Nobody likes lethal autonomous weapons - US spending more isn't the solution here

China and US dominate emissions

  • Burning coal for electricity is 30% of emissions - air travel is 2%

Interesting long tails

  • Peloton creepy ad not new, but backlash knocked a bunch of value off
  • Ikea wants to decorate Mars habitats
  • China raised electric car targets to 25% - but check if they use coal
  • Apple is worth more than the entire energy sector
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