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Canva’s Melanie Perkins has 10 tips for startups with ‘crazy-big dreams’

Melanie Perkins
Smart Company
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Advice for startups

  • Dream big to have the motivation to turn goals into reality
  • Vocalize your goals frequently to foster a goal-driven culture
  • Create an ideal vision comprised of a lofty, challenging goal with smaller tangible steps along the way
  • Ensure that each team has a goal visible to the company
  • Focus on goals instead of job titles to adapt to growth and evolving workplace
  • Expand the pie instead of rationing it: share the resources to help everyone grow
  • Continue to grow your skills through conferences, workshops, and training sessions
  • Treat a team success as company success and celebrate it
  • As your employees and teams grow in number, let them self-manage and have work ownership but unite through a common purpose or goal
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