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Building 10X products for exponential growth with Asana chief product officer Alex Hood

John Koetsier
TechFirst with John Koetsier
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Alex Hood Chats About Building 10X Products for Exponential Growth

  • Chief Product Officer Alex Hood believes this is the time for Asana to thrive. Asana’s mission is about helping teams collaborate effortlessly. 
  • “It helps us create barriers between work and life. It helps us optimize what we should be collaborating on async versus sync. And it helps kind of keep us organized, like a plan of record of who’s doing what by when.” 
  • Information workers can spend 60% of their time on "work about work. This is nonsense where you are manufacturing information about the things that you are supposed to be doing, instead of actually doing the things that you are supposed to be doing. 

So, how do you build a hyper-growth product?

  1. It all starts with a massive customer problem
  2. Present something that has a benefit that people care about
  3. Delight, big emotional outcome

Now, how do you start building a great product team?

  1. For product managers, growth mindset
  2. Strategic rigor
  3. Get things done
  4. Ability to grow [product]
  5. Customer centric
  6. Collaborative work The process of building a hyper-growth product and a great product team is about the actual building of the experiences and the building capability on the team - the same thing done right.
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