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'Britney Spears is a genius': Max Martin, the powerhouse of pure pop

Michael Cragg
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Max Martin is the third-most successful songwriter in US chart history, but most have never heard of him. Now, 30 of his songs are getting a second life from the new jukebox musical & Juliet.

Martin's Songwriting Style

  • Martin favors simplicity, repetition and instant familiarity over unnecessary complexity.
  • He balks at the idea that his songwriting is governed by strict rules.

Martin's Career

  • Martin’s early hit rate largely depended on Britney Spears.
  • A lot of Martin’s biggest hits have been with female artists: not just Spears, Swift and Perry but also British stars.
  • Making records, he says, is “about staying inspired, but also sticking to your guns of what you love doing.”

& Juliet

  • The jukebox musical is a feminist retelling of a Shakespeare play, soundtracked by Spears and other pop hits.
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