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Bill Gates and IPO history

Mario Gabriele
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Editor’s Letter: Pexip is Making IPO History

  • Bill Gates got a lot of criticism ahead of the Microsoft IPO
    • Was called “washed-up” by a Forbes piece
    • Within a year the company became one of the largest software companies in the world
  • Google
    • The search engine’s IPO was unorthodox in nature choosing a “Dutch auction” methodology
    • The cost of shares would be determined by blind bids
  • WeWork
    • Had one of the deepest declines in valuation after being rated almost $100 billion by Goldman and later being valued at only $8 billion
  • Vonage
    • Encouraged people to buy shares in advance, and when the stock dropped on opening it had to award $800 million in a class-action lawsuit to investors.
  • BATS
    • Had to pull IPO after losing 96% of value on the first day
  • Pexip
    • Will be listed on OSLO stock exchange in Europe
    • Metrics show that it had a user increase of 7x since the pandemic
    • The largest Scandanavian software IPO in history will hope to be more like Google or Microsoft
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