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Are we officially post-human?

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Professor Fereidoun Esfandiary

  • Professor Fereidoun Esfandiary changed his name in the 1970s to “FM-2030”
  • Said it was to represent that increases in humanity that will be achieved in 2030 
  • Had an idea that we would be past the point of normal humans and our lives may be able to continue forever by then
  • Coronavirus may be the inflection point for humanity where we shift to a post-human world in terms of innovation and technologies


  • Identity has become distinct from physical body or space
  • Zoom backgrounds are a form of self-expression
  • Ragili uses anime characters to represents moods and interactions with workers
  • Animal Crossing and other video games have attracted millions of users to socialize, interact, and even exchange commerce
  • Travis Scoot hosted a concert of Fortnite with 12.3 million people attending


  • The effect of COVID is accelerating companies exposure to using machines with humans in the workforce
  • McDonald is testing robotic cooks
  • Facebook and Google have expanded AI capabilities on their systems
  • Amazon is using thermal cameras to monitor the temperature of its workers
  • “Tattleware” is software that watches the productivity of a worker throughout their workday


  • We are treating our bodies more like software and experimenting on them more with a higher success rate than in the past thanks to data
  • Sales of immunity-boosting supplements have increased during the pandemic
  • Men have begun to freeze their sperm at a higher rate as a precaution against the coronavirus 
  • The vaccine is being produced in record time
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