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Are millennials the unluckiest generation since WW2?

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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The effects of the 2008 financial crisis have been profound on Millennials.

  • The cost of college has surged in recent years, and many Millennials are burdened by staggering debt.
  • Many Millennials are also out of work or struggle with low salaries, limited homeownership, and few investments.

Some Good News

  • Banksy works from home, the New York Times releases its "52 Places Virtually" list, and some other short yet heartwarming reads.
  • Brands that invoke nostalgia such as Playstation, Disney, Netflix, and even Amazon are doing well, while other brands such as Macy's and Costco are seeing a slight decline in previously pretty solid popularity.
  • Platforms such as OnlyFans and Patreon are seeing spikes in users as people pivot to earn money as unemployment rises.
  • Teachers are engaging with other forms of virtual learning like video games to mix up the virtual classroom setting.
  • The Supreme Court complains that remote work has made lawyers more relaxed with how they present themselves in court.
  • Startups are asking workers to take voluntary pay cuts in exchange for more equity.
  • New programs like thermal cameras are being used to combat Covid-19 in the short-term but may have negative long-term effects.

A Pandemic Pivot

  • Branch, a company that manufactures high-end office furniture to serve growing companies, pivoted to create a Work From Home collection.
  • Changes were made in leadership, roles, and other key company features to allow for this transition.
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