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Ant Group: A Financial Infestation

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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The Strength of Ant

  • Ant Group is one of the largest and most significant financial groups in the world
  • In 2019, Ant's Alipay product processed $17 trillion in transactions in Mainland China alone - compared to Paypal's $712 billion
  • Ant's dual-listing on Shanghai and Hong Kong markets would set a hypothetical market cap of $313bn

The Man Behind Ant

  • Jack Ma's career is defined by failures - attending college in China after failing the entrance exam twice and getting rejected from Harvard 10 times
  • Ma bounced around jobs, settling down as an English teacher
  • Ma has now founded two generational and world-defining companies: Alibaba and Ant

The FinTech Payment Space in China

  • China's lack of financial regulators and trust created an opportunity for Ma to create a company to fill the role of a trusted middle man
  • Digital payments have now penetrated every facet of life in China: food delivery, school fees, etc.

Ant's Product Offering

  • Digital payments: allows merchants and consumers to transact easily using QR codes
  • CreditTech: Ant offers a range of revolving credit products for consumers and merchants. 98% of loans are originated on Ant by underwritten by a 3rd party or securitized
  • InvestmentTech: gives users access to over 6,000 investment products from over 170 asset managers
  • InsureTech: offers over 2,000 customized insurance products
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