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Amp It Up!

Frank Slootman
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To boost performance, companies need to increase pace and intensity.

Slootman’s Experience with Data Domain and ServiceNow

  • Data Domain and ServiceNow had rapid growth because they had a strong performance-focused culture.
  • Managers at both companies gave extra bonuses to high-achieving performers and tried to weed out the underperforming ones.
  • This created a culture of pushing employees to be drivers of change and success, instead of being deadweight passengers to the company.

Performance Triad

  1. Move fast
    1. Leaders need to have a narrow focus and know how to create a sense of urgency, so employees can think more effectively on their feet.
  2. Keep high standards
    1. Move fast and focus on exceptional quality.
  3. Focus hard 
    1. Leaders should know how and what to prioritize in focusing on clear goals.

Overall Mindset

  • Employers are doing poorly because they are coddling employees.
  • Keeping a strong culture attracts similarly minded and performance-oriented firms.
  • Thus, it is important to maintain a meritocracy.
  • This ultimately paves way for incredible growth.
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