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A process for evaluating new tokens

Nick Tomaino
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Who is the founding team?

  • Evaluate a team based on:
    • History of success.
    • Talent and leadership.
    • Problem-solving ability.
    • Realistic thinking and growth propositions.
    • Ability to tackle technical problems.

Does the product solve an important problem?

  • Evaluate a product based on:
    • Technical specification - needs to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter.
    • At least 2 customer reference calls - are there people who need this product?
    • Benefits from network effects.
    • Product advantages and differentiation.
    • User satisfaction.

Is there a community developing around the project?

  • Evaluate a community based on:
    • Frequent activity on social platforms (e.g. Reddit and Slack).
    • Demonstration that the team can build a healthy community.

What type of token is it?

  • Usage token:
    • Is it useful? Does it aggregate resources that will differentiate it in the long run?
  • Work token:
    • Is there a strong network emerging that wants to contribute? Is the UX well thought out?
  • Security token:
    • Does the technology underlying the security give it a long-term competitive advantage?
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