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A Leader's Guide to Implementing OKRs (Part 2)

Sachin Rekhi
Sachin Rekhi
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Tools for Tracking OKRs

  • WorkBoard, Betterworks, Lattice, and Notejoy

Handling Multi-Quarter OKRs

  • Scope the objective and key results to fit into the given quarter.
  • Find ways to include outcome-oriented measures - e.g. Aiming for a certain percentage of interviewed customers to join a pilot program.

End-of-Quarter Reviews and Beginning-of-Quarter Kick-Offs

  • OKR reviews should be as close to the end of the quarter as possible to allow enough time to achieve key results.
  • OKRs kick-off should be submitted the first week of the new quarter so teams can have time to reflect and come up with new OKRs.

Customer Satisfaction Isn't the Best OKR

  • Getting to statistical significance can be difficult given low survey response rates.
  • CSAT surveys could lead to bias.
  • To use CSAT as an OKR, make sure the sample population is large enough and allow for enough time to collect responses.

Objectives Can Be Derived From Key Results and Vice Versa

  • You can start with objectives derived from customer feedback and then determine the key result.
  • You can also start with key results and then come up with a list of objectives.

OKRs Outside of Tech

  • OKRs are successful outside of tech as well.
  • Most firms use management by objectives (MBOs), but OKRs are better as they have key results associated with each objective.
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