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A Guide to the Georgian Coaching Inn

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When you arrived outside a Georgian coaching inn, the first question is - how did you get there? Did you travel there by private carriage, hired post chaise, stagecoach, or did you arrive on foot?

Georgian Coaching Inn

  • If you arrived on foot, you will be told that all beds are taken and you will be directed to the shabby kitchen to feed yourself.
  • If you arrived on a stagecoach, you will stay for the time it takes to change the horses; if you need to eat and drink it might take twenty minutes or an hour. Those traveling ‘up top’ would be directed to the kitchen and the available snacks were beer, bread, and cheese.
  • If you arrive on a hired post chaise, you are probably only staying as long as it takes to hire two new horses and attach them to the carriage.
  • The rich ensured a servant went earlier to secure a good room for them. Everybody else got rooms depending on what the landlord thought of them.
  • Always ensure there is one bed in the room so that you won’t share the room with a stranger.
  • You should be prudent enough to bring your bedsheets or sleep in your clothes in the blanket only.
  • If you get a room, it would either face the road or the stable yard. Either way, the coaches would start to leave about four a.m., and there would be no sleep after that.
  • Tipping is a prerequisite for any service at all.
  • The establishment will always be dirty.
  • The food may be boiled and roasted meat with a token. It might be old when it was cooked, and reheated more than once.
  • Prices vary randomly and not with the quality of the inn. Some places give out a large bill and charge more for things that could reasonably be offered free.
  • The inn may be comfortable, welcoming with high-quality food and drink. There is just no way of telling.
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