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9 most useful pieces of advice I’ve received

Mathilde Collin
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“Follow your growth.”

  • Paul Buchheit from YC
  • Talk to users and follow your growth to find your direction.

Don't hire anyone you don't want 10 of

  • Patrick Collison from Stripe

Sometimes, it's better to let them go

  • Laura Behrens-Wu from Shippo

Be aware of whether decisions are final

  • Jared Smith from Qualtrics

Give generous packages to people you fire

  • Daniel Yanisse from Checkr
  • This makes the employee's and manager's life easier

Stick to your mission, and remind everyone of it

  • Peter Reinhardt from Segment

Don't benchmark agains other companies

  • Andrew Reed from Sequoia

Trust your instincts

  • Jared Smith from Qualtrics

Don’t listen to most advice

  • Howie Liu from Airtable
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