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6 Questions You Need To Ask Your Potential Startup Co-Founder

Tim Young
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Six questions to help you uncover potential issues, shared or complementary strengths and weaknesses, and more.

  1. What are your goals for this project?
    1. Recognize your own and their motivations
    2. Acknowledge financial goals
  2. How will we divide the equity and responsibilities?
    1. Get the equity split right to avoid resentment down the road
    2. Divide the responsibilities and roles
  3. Are we ready to go into battle together?
    1. How will you handle stress, support one another, and find productive solutions
  4. What will we do when the company outgrows one or both of us?
    1. Practice self-awareness
    2. Discuss possible future scenarios and a game plan for how to handle them
  5. Is there anything about your past I need to know that might affect our business? 
    1. Be open and honest
    2. Raise issues that may hurt you down the road and address them
  6. Do we have the appropriate emotional / logistical infrastructure to resolve disputes? 
    1. Discuss how you want to approach making decisions together
    2. Understand their emotional style
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