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12 steps to creating landing pages that convert

Matt Hodges
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Focus on why people hire you

Define clearly, before creating the page, what your product does, who are your competitors, and why your product stands out

Create a story that makes your audience care

When writing the content of your landing page keep in mind: 1. What you do 2. How you do it 3. Who are you doing for 4. Keywords that identify your product 5. Who has a competing product 6. What makes you stand out 7. Who is already using your product

Leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Use a punchy copy and headline

Use visuals over text to show how the product works

Insert a sticky nav

A navigation bar that sticks to the top of the browser window as you scroll down the page, so visitors can quickly jump to relevant pages on the site

Add an overview

Explain the sub-jobs that your product enables customers to do

Display key product features and how they work

Establish credibility

Insert customer logos and surface success stories 

Have an ever-present link to your pricing page

Make it easy for people to sign up

Have a signup feature in the top bar section, the bottom of the page, and the navigation bar

Keep track of analytics and asses users

  1. Track traffic and goal conversion with Google Analytics
  2. See how visitors are interacting with your page with Inspectlet
  3. Conduct user research with UserTesting
  4. Test how small changes impact engagement with Optimizely
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