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10X Your Career: First Principles For Outsized Success

James Currier
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Principles of Outsized Success

A 10x career is one where you reach escape velocity and become truly high flying – with compounding opportunities for personal growth, societal contributions, and strong financial outcomes.

How to Choose Your First Job

When choosing your first job, you must follow people, to maximize your learning and access to networks, and follow momentum, to maximize your opportunities for career growth and career leadership.

Don’t pick a company, pick a sector

Rather than picking a company, identify the right rocketship sector to join before everyone else knows it’s a rocketship.

Alpha testing for possible careers

Trying internships and other short-term engagements or consulting work are great for this alpha testing mentality. Some questions to consider: 1. What skills do you want to learn that you will think you will be good at? 2. Where do people go, online and off, who are interested in the same things you are? 3. Who do you know in a leadership role at a company where you could intern?

Maximizing learning and network

Once you have found a sector and group of people that you enjoy, speed up and maximize your career for learning and network to get you on a leadership path. Meanwhile there, you should do two things: 1. Make yourself indispensable 2. Strengthen your network

Developing a 10x leadership mindset

To grow a 10x career, it’s critical to develop your leadership skills. Develop these skills through initiative and risk-taking.

Starting a chain reaction

When you combine a great network of people with a high-growth sector, and mix in your own learning and leadership mindset, you will spark a chain reaction that, eventually, will lead you to 10x success.  

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